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Worick Arcangelo [Darling]
You were getting changed in the bedroom that you and Worick shared, out of your blood stained clothes into clean ones. As you removed your shirt you felt a pair of big hands grope your breasts and knew exactly who it was.
"Hi darling" He whispered into your ear giving it a kiss
"Hello" You replied with a slight smile on your face
"I wish you weren't wearing your bra" He commented shifting one of his hands to wrap around your stomache while the other was now covering your chest so he could bring you closer to him.
"Well tough luck, I am Mr Pervet"
You reached for your shirt that was on the bed but he quickly grabbed your hand to prevent you from continuing your actions.
"Nu-uh I like you like this. Of course I would prefer it if you had no clothes on" He suggested giving you kisses on your neck and jawline
"Worick I dont have time for this" You sighed trying to break free from his hold
He gripped onto you as tight as possible, you squirmed under his hold trying to break free but of no l
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Mature content
Worick Arcangelo x Reader Lemon :iconchloem56:chloem56 98 7
Haise Sasaki: REality
                                                                     "Kankei dont leave me....."
You woke up from your nightmare (which was sadly a true event that did occur 2 years ago) and got up from your bed sitting on it with your hands holding your forehead placing your elbows on your thighs
You sobbed a little but realising that crying was not going to get Kaneki back you got up and rose your head wiping the tears
'Atleast I have Sasaki right?' You thought while heading towards the bathroom
You got ready and headed outside just to get some fresh air since you really needed it. After walking around Tokyo for 3 hours you decided to head back home seeing the black and white haired man sitting on the couch reading a book
"Oh ummm hey I didnt realise you were back"
You spoke going into the kitchen
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Kaneki Ken x reader
"He's got the same chin as you, the same lips and the same eyes. So take the test take the test"
You said pointing at the tv in your apartment with the lights off and lounging in your couch wearing a vest and pj shorts.
" And the results are that is your baby" The tv clarrified
"I knew it!" You yelled feeling proud of yourself while the crowd in the show booed
You scoffed a handful of popcorn in your mouth not caring that it was 2 in the morning
You suddenly heard someone trying to break in your flat so without hesitation you muted the tv and ran into the kitchen to get a knife. You got the knife but by the time you turned around a figure was behind you.
"(y/n)" He spoke silently
The tv light had help you see who it was
"K-kaneki" You said with relief, happy that it wasnt an intruder
You noticed that he had changed significally from that vunerable book worm to a now white haired serious person. He looked like shit when he was standing opposite you with a torn black shirt and torn up wh
:iconchloem56:chloem56 72 3
Eren x reader best eren story
"Hey (y/n)"
"Yes Ere---"
You were cut off by a pair of lips touching yours, after a minute he broke the kiss and placed his forehead on yours
"I love you" He grinned
:iconchloem56:chloem56 44 11
Levi x reader best story ever written
You loved him and he loved you.
:iconchloem56:chloem56 62 44
Levi x reader I cant lose you
You could feel the cool breeze going through your hair. It would of have been nice if you weren't on another life threatening expedition.
You swung through tree to tree killing any Titan that came your way. You took down the last one and landed back on the ground with a thud.
"That's the last one for now" you told Levi
He nodded in understanding
Before you knew it an abnormal came in and swoop you up. The sudden contact had made you drop your swords.
"(Y/N)!!!" Levi shouted
This abnormal looked at you as if it had known you seeing actual sadness in its face.
"S-s-sama,sama" it struggled to say
'Did it just speak to me' you thought
But before you could get your head around this situation Levi couldn't get to its neck because the trees were blocking that point. So he glided in and sliced it's hand causing the Titan to drop you but quickly grabbed you with the other hand.
The abnormal got angry due to Levi's action. if the Titan couldn't have you know one can, so he started to lift you in
:iconchloem56:chloem56 93 16
levi x reader illegal
"Stupid short ass, rude ass, thinks he knows everything Corporal"
You grunted while scrubbing the floor on all fours with anger
"I cant beileve he made me clean his office and for what?" You continued ranting on
"Levi I need you to look at---" Erwin walked into the office. Stopped and looked at you cleaning Levis  floor
Erwin raised his eyebrow wanting to know what you did this time to get on humanities strongest nerves to recieve yet another punishment
You sighed "All I did was mimick him when he was yelling at Eren and Jean" Replying to him
Erwin had folded his arms without ruining the documents he wanted Levi to fill out not being convinced, thinking that you did much worse than the story you had just told him
"I swear thats what happened!" You yelled throwing your hands in the air in defence
Erwin had rolled his eye and just placed the documents on Levi's desk
"Anyways (y/n) tell Levi I left these documents here and I want them for tomorrow" Erwin started heading out towards t
:iconchloem56:chloem56 262 38
Rin x reader the best feeling
"Guys what do you think is the best feeling?" You asked the boys
You were currently sitting down with Rin, Haru,Makoto,Nagisa and Rei in your living room
"When you've finished school and dive into the pool letting the cool water wrap around your body" Haru so buntly and quickly say as if it was the only right answer to your question
You rolled your eyes and the guys just smirked at Haru's obvious reply
"Oooh I know!" Nagisa yelled with glee "When your at a resturant with your friend and youve ordered your food. Then you suddenly see your food approaching your table" He finished off nodding with his answer and feeling confident that you and the rest of the boys would agree
"I agree with what you said. Especially when your food is better than your friends" You nodded
"You know whatsup (y/n)" Nagisa replied
Rin snorted at your little convo with Nagisa making you punch him in the shoulder since he was sitting next you
"Typical of you Nagisa to be thinking of food as the best feeling" Rei p
:iconchloem56:chloem56 194 21
Levi x reader x Erwin ( your warm embrace)
Listen and read:
You were on an expedition with your bestfriend Ashley. You did hate these expeditions due to attacking giants who kill innocent people and destroy humanity bit by bit, but what did make it worth your while was the fact that you were with her and to make it even better you were also with captain Levi and commander Erwin
"Lets get this done and over with" Erwin stated
As soon as all the soldiers had entered the thick forest Erwin and his troops had taken a different route to cover up more ground. You and Ashley had jumped off your horses and used your 3D maneouver gear to glide through the forest making it much easier to kill titans to both of your opinions
"I bet i'll kill more titans than you Ashley!" You shouted while swinging from tree to tree
"Will see about that (f/n)!" She replied back to you with ful
:iconchloem56:chloem56 118 5
Ciel x Reader
Ciel was busy signing a bunch of documents here and there while you you were laying on the couch looking at the ceiling doing nothing. Absolutely nothing. You sighed in defeat being bored.
You got up from your seat and walked over to the Earl of the Phantomhive manor
"What is it now (y/n)?" He said bluntly still signing his documents
You leaned over his desk facing him with your chin resting on your hand
"I have one question?" You stated
"You have my attention"
he stopped what he was doing looking straight at you with his serious expression plastered on his face
"Do you see normally with your demon eye as you do with the other one?"
Ciel took a deep breath. closed his eye while rubbing his temple. He clearly wasn't impressed with your question and the fact that he stopped what he was doing to listen to you.
"I mean, I was just wondering because-"
"Yes" he cut you off just so he could get back to working and shutting you up
"For this afternoons dessert, is a chocolate-strawberry crumble
:iconchloem56:chloem56 237 55
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Mature content
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by GDBee

Words cannot even describe how amazing this artwork is but ill try lol First of all ive been looking at your work and damn. Every singl...

by Karbo

I really really really like the use of colours for this painting not to mention the fact that they are not mermaids with a fish tail so...



I posted up the second part of changed since most of my watchers wanted a second part. sorry it took so long but its out now and I'm afraid this is finished end of the story 


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I write one shots of anything that interests me same goes for drawing. o don't forget to comment after reading my story and tell me what you think thank you~

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